Turn to us for creative and practical solutions. From brokering commodities purchases to planning corporate events, from finding a business partner to finding a chess partner.
Outsource big projects and save money



Our corporate clients save money by delegating all sorts of projects

Our specialized abilities and extensive resources have been utilized to:

  • Determine the logistics for bringing a rare parrot from Honduras to the US
  • Stock apartments for CEOs, salesmen, visiting businessmen and their families
  • Manage US homes for clients working in Egypt, England and Germany
  • Identify sources of selected commodities
    • 400,000 barrels of oil
    • a machine to put tea into tea bags
    • a 150,000 ton smelter
    • corn wheat and butter in large quantities to ship overseas
  • Locate
    • coveted tickets for events such as the Olympics
    • a glass eye
    • a Louis XVI style antique piano bench



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