Life Is Too Short
So Delegate!

We are caring perfectionists
who can offer you


Whatever it is,
we can help


Put Order In Your Life
  • Conquer clutter
  • Design office, closet or storage space
  • Establish a filing system
  • Pay bills, balance checkbooks
  • Organize library or photos
  • Computer assistance

While You Travel
  • Monitor your home
  • Respond to your ongoing instructions via phone, fax or e-mail
  • Open mail, pay bills
  • Home and/or business maintenance
Relocation Services
  • Plan & facilitate your move
  • Dismantle your home or office
  • Arrange estate sales and donations
With Connections
  • Sell an academic library
  • Find a chess partner or literary agent
  • For your personal needs.
Plan An Event
  • Site selection
  • Invitations, programs
  • Caterer, florist, musicians
  • Equipment rental
  • Coordination of all details
  • Personal shopping
With Solutions
  • Gift selecting, delivering and returning
  • Completing applications
  • Writing and editing
  • Decorating
  • Travel ideas
Turn to us for creative and practical solutions. From dismantling homes for elderly clients, to assisting with school applications. We have set up home offices, helped complete forms, even worked with an environmental engineer on the interior design of a home for a client with a medical problem. We can plan every detail of a special event, put order in the most cluttered areas of your life, and take care of your affairs while you travel.


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