Ellen Epstein

Ellen Epstein will tell you she accomplishes more because she has one special talent -- she doesn't need to sleep!  Working faster and sleeping less, Ellen gets twice as much done as the average person.  In addition, Ellen loves a challenge.   When clients from Germany, Egypt, England or Israel give her a tough problem, within moments (by fax, phone or e-mail), she offers them several possible solutions.   When you couple all this with the fact that Ellen is a bona fide workaholic, you will understand why Concierge America, Inc. benefits so much from her skills and temperament.

After graduating from Connecticut College for Women in 1969, Ellen studied art and architectural history at the University of London. She returned to Washington, DC, and worked as an architectural historian for the Federal government where she wrote a history of the East and West Wings of the White House. Her interest in preserving personal and institutional history, and her desire to help individual families preserve their family memories, led her to develop the Center for Oral History, which she directed for over 30 years. By 1993, she had expanded her business to include all types of organization and project management.

Now that her five children are off on their own, Ellen is re-directing her high energy to serve the needs of her clients.  She can even call on her dot-com offspring to help brainstorm Internet based solutions.  Most importantly, Ellen never rests until a challenge is met and prides herself on offering the ultimate in quality service.


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